Customer Service is the basis of our business and sets us apart from other logistics competitors. Reliability, efficiency, quality and accountability serves as standard benchmarks for the services we offer. We work hand in hand with our agents in all regions of the country to offer the following services.

DHL Tracking
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Trade advisory

Mineral Trading

M&C Trading and Logistics is a company incorporated in Ghana which has the necessary license to operate in the purchase, sales and export of Minerals.
Our two main delineated services in the minerals sector including buying, selling and exporting of gold as well as gold delivery services.

Commodity Trading and Brokerage Service

M&C Logistics & Trading, in partnership with the world’s leading trading giants, supply quality and affordable commodities to the West African market.
We supply large volumes of edible cooking oils, various types of rice, sugar, corn, etc. at competitive prices.
We have strategic partnerships with global industry leaders, trusted to provide consistent supply of quality goods, which guarantee our clients quality and value for their money. This is followed by consistent and reliable supply of the commodities they desire.

International and Local trade advisory services

M&C Logistics & Trading has strong international expertise in the cargo industry. Our team provides insight and guidance for all your international business activities.

Manufacturers Representatives

M&C Logistics & Trading represent manufacturers of physical goods.
We market and sell their products. M&C Logistics & Trading fulfill a number of roles, often including new territory development and marketing activities for our manufacturing clients.

Trade Financing

M&C Logistics & Trading represent reputable lending institutions overseas that specialize in financing, project funding, and providing creative short-term transactional financing for importers and exporters.
Our partners provide 100% funding of cost, and also overlay an operational management process which ensure that the goods are of proper quality, insured, shipped on time, and the end buyer pays in a timely manner to guarantee the success of each transaction.

At M&C LT we operate in the three major logistical areas vis a vis ; sea, air and land.

M&C Logistics and Trading is the provider of specialist removals, packing and relocation services with touch of class and professionalism.

Our freight forwarding service handles cargo from the port of origin to final port of destination. Our company provides full package of transport network service covering the entire member countries of the World Trade Organization.

Logistics are carefully planned to ensure accurate delivery as project cargo shipment are explicitly handled. Efficiency and care are our hallmark thus ensuring performance at a minimum cost

Our door to door service takes care of shipments from the port of origin and delivered right at the client’s doorstep or the designated warehouse.

We monitor the vessel carrying our client’s cargo the moment it sets off to its destination.

Our local agents in the regions have been resourced to ensure efficiency in delivery of a client’s cargo in their respective regions.

We provide service to exporting firms and individual exporters requiring warehousing facilities to hold their exports for shipment.

Haulage and Transport Management (Trucks) are some of the logistic services that we render.