Edible Oil

M&C LT  is keenly  involved in the vegetable oils market. We supply both refined and crude vegetable oils from palm, soya, sunflower and corn. We can provide bulk as well as flexitanks. Food service and retail sizes of refined oils are also available.


Olive, Palm, Coconut, Soyabean, Corn etc.


We import and export a wide variety of rice from all over the world.
We re-bag to suit the market (25kg & 50kg)


Long grain white rice, Brown rice, 5% and 25% Broken white rice etc


We trade both white maize (preferred in Africa for human consumption) and yellow maize (stock feeds).We rebag to suit the market (10kg, 15kg, 25kg)

Spices and Nuts

We also export high quality but small volume spices to other countries which include ginger, cloves and coriander seed.


M&C Logistics and Trading imports sugar directly or helps its client importers to import from sugar mills and refineries from various countries throughout the world. We ship in bulk and in bags.

We trade in refined white sugar, Icumsa 45 and 150. They are kinds that are used for both domestic consumption and industrial purposes.



We export in bulk or smaller quantities. Prekese is used as a spice, a medicine and as a dietary supplement rich in vitamins. It is mainly grown in Ghana, West Africa and is useful for its medicinal benefits. It can be packaged in powdered form or in its raw state.


A In sub-Saharan Africa it is the 3rd most widely grown crop and 6th in the world. Millet is an extremely important food staple in many African countries.

Lemon Grass

We export fresh and dry lemongrass stalks