Some words about Us

M&C Logistics and Trading is a subsidiary of the M&C Group. M&C Logistics and Trading operates in these two major segments that are linked, trading and logistical support aspects of business.

Core Values

  • Quality Service
  • Reliable Service
  • Punctual to Service
  • Timely to Service
  • Responsive to Service
  • Concern to Service
  • Continous Improvement to Service

Our Vision

To establish a one stop centre of excellence in commodity trading and logistics within the West African sub-region.


To progressively work to satisfy our clients and become a household name in logistics and trading within the West African sub-region.

More about Us

M&C Logistics and Trading is managed by a group of professionals who have deep knowledge and experience in International Trading, shipping and allied logistical services that go with trading. It is endowed with hands on that have practical experience in working within all sectors of the industry.

M&C Logistics and Trading has established strategic working relationships with business entities in various countries on all the continents across the globe.

M&C Logistics and Trading operates on a two-way supply chain that ties both ends of supply. It has channel partner offices in several countries including India, China, Indonesia and USA where quality checks are done by personnel who are experienced and have knowledge, insight and experience regarding products. M&C personnel are physically present at the ports of loading to give a leading edge to the company and ensure that the quality is right.

M&C Logistics and Trading also undertakes due diligence on behalf of prospective buyers and arranges for inspections, quality control checks at warehouses, collateral management, freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing loading point and port of shipment and brings the tie-ups with reputed Inspection Agencies. As a complete logistics company, we have exclusive DHL Service Point in an enviable location at East Legon Accra Ghana.

M&C Logistics and Trading undertakes port duties such as freight forwarding of commodities including but not limited to rice, sugar, oil, corn, and millet.

M&C Logistics and Trading represents some of the major international commodity companies.

M&C Logistics and Trading through our extensive research and information networks and also our partners and offices around the world, we offer consultancy services to help our suppliers and buyers get the best prices, make sure they receive their goods, and to make sure the client receives payment for the goods they deliver. We also advise buyers and sellers as to when to buy or sell for maximum profits or make good business deals.